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Talk: Vinyl Myths Busted

With the ongoing challenges especially for the independent music industry in terms of long lead times, quality uncertainties and increasing costs easy explanations and recriminations celebrate public attention. Are you interested in learning about the vast complexity of issues driving these challenges? Prepare yourself for an insight revealing things not being as clear and easy to tackle as you might think. From quality issues such as warped records, and pressing flaws over transport to the need for a good and dynamic vinyl mastering: great records suffer and gain from the dedication of a great variety of partners and different steps having their share in the result. It's never just recording studios, cutting houses, or pressing plants. It's all of them together and the challenge of them aligned in the same understanding and wish to create an outstanding product. Bring your strong opinions and throw them at Andreas Kohl, vinyl guru at Europe's leading manufacturing broker The Keyproduction Group familiar with setups and details at pretty much every pressing plant in Europe. This session will be rather a Q&A than a presentation and is designed to give you answers to questions you always wanted and are not afraid to ask.

Moderator: Andreas Kohl

Times: 16:00-17:00
Location: Phil, Van Beinumzaal
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Date: 01·10
Time: 16:00 - 16:30
Location: PHIL - Van Beinumzaal
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