DeWolff x Vinylkey release of Rosita Rapida

30 Sep 2023

The world's fastest record: recorded, pressed and sold in about three and a half hours. This second pressing of 100 is released at the Haarlem Vinyl Festival for verified vinyl onchain.

The Free Route

28 Sep 2023

Looking to spend all your cash on records? No problem! There's plenty of free program to enjoy this weekend.

How to get the most out of your Vinyl Culture ticket on Saturday

26 Sep 2023

We have outlined the advantages of having a Vinyl Culture ticket, but let's dive into how you can truly get the most out of your wristband, starting with the Saturday.

Record Industry BTS

The making of vinyl: a deep dive route

21 Sep 2023

Think you know everything there is to know about vinyl? Think again. During the Haarlem Vinyl Festival, you can dive deep into the material, production, distribution, and listening experience. We've listed 8 expected highlights in our program worth checking out

Voorn on vinyl to open Haarlem Vinyl Festival

20 Sep 2023

The opening keynote of the inaugural edition of the Haarlem Vinyl Festival will feature legendary producer, DJ and vinyl addict, Joris Voorn.


The Ultimate Record Storage & Display Solution: Ophon Music Furniture

18 Sep 2023

Just like Haarlem Vinyl Festival, Ophon Music Furniture was born out of a deep love for music, vinyl records, and cover art. On this year's first edition of the festival, the two join forces to showcase what they love most. Expect to spot a wide range of their Coverfront record cabinets throughout our program: a sleeve art exhibition, listening spaces, custom-built on-stage design, and a special cabinet dedicated to 7-inch singles. Provided and powered by Ophon Music Furniture.

5 Essentials for Your Haarlem Vinyl Festival Visit

12 Sep 2023

So you've made up your mind, and being the vinyl enthusiast you are, you simply can't miss the first edition of our festival. Excellent choice! Here are five essential tips for your visit:


The program for our first edition is complete!

06 Sep 2023

Get ready for a three-day celebration of vinyl culture in PHIL, Patronaat, and 25 other stages and locations throughout the Haarlem city center.