33 1/3 RPM at De Vishal

11 June 2024

The art gallery returns to the festival with a vinyl themed exhibition. 

Following up on last year's succes of 'Because', De Vishal returns to this year's program, with a vinyl-themed exhibition that runs from Friday, September 6th to October 13th. 

Singles and LPs each have their own speed. The exhibition 33 1/3 RPM is like an album with different songs/works that require a specific tempo of consideration, where they unfurl and come to life. 33 1/3 RPM is curated by Renée Borgonjen and features work by Annabelle Binnerts, Berend Strik, CellaVie L*A*B (Marcella Kuiper & Albert Aarts) Edwin Zwakman and Patrick Corillon. 

You can find the freely accessible De Vishal right in the historical city centre at Grote Markt 20, which is a 3-minute walk from our main festival hub PHIL and a 5-minute bike ride from the Record Fair at Dreef.

Featured artists:

Annabelle Binnerts - tracks
A Room with the Word Ghost Inside. A space that unfolds, not only on a large but also on a smaller scale, where texts appear and disappear in different forms as the visitor walks past them and, as it were, activates them. These tracks from the past then emerge from the shadow and resonate.

Berend Strik - recto verso
In his quest to decipher the motivations of 'the artist', Strik became fascinated by the marks on the floor in Jackson Pollock's studio. The photos from the studio floor have now been tilted towards the wall, mixing the paint splatters of Pollock's actions with those of Strik's treatments with threads and fabric - like the imprint of sound in vinyl, that intensify and bring to life the photographed reality, making it vibrate. An LP has an A and a B side. The smaller of the two exhibited paintings can also be experienced from both sides. This way of exhibiting reveals more about the process and history of a work.  

CellaVie L*A*B - fireflies
The seeds of the maple tree are related in shape to wing nuts. In this way they effortlessly combine into an assembly with the small gears with which they rotate. Not exactly 33 1/3 RPM, but at a dreamier speed - towards the Symbiocene, an era in which humans, nature and technology are in balance and benefit from each other's existence. The seeds seem to form a cloud of fireflies and have their own soundscape. 

Edwin Zwakman - resonances
We look at a photo of a carefully recreated memory: On the way home, after an evening of photograping in the abandoned house of the recently deceased composer Louis Andriessen, his music resonated outside in the night. Zwakman sketched that situation and added bar lines to the drawing with the pencil with which the composer wrote down his scores. He then literally recreated that memory, after which he photographed the resulting staging, a kind of model of a specific scale. In the Phil, located near the Vishal, a graphic notation of a score of 'Clocks for Haarlem' a piece that Andriessen played during the reopening of the building, is printed on the glass façade. In the Vishal, Zwakman's new 'score' hangs right under those clocks - their bells ring out in the city landscape every evening around dusk.  

Patrick Corillon - fiction that unfolds in time
Fictional street signs. Twentieth-century Paris comes to life in possible scenarios that happened here and unfold in your mind. In the works of the French-Belgian artist, space always translates into a specific passage of time.Two artists' books show different stages of shifting images, like a story in motion. An animation on the screen with trees and leaves as memories, between which people move - towards the past or back to the future.

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