'Because', a special exhibition on vinyl at the Vishal

14 June 2023

At Haarlem Vinyl Festival, we celebrate vinyl culture in all its forms, including visual arts. Coincidentally, our festival takes place as the special vinyl exhibition 'Because' holds its closing weekend at the Vishal.

'Because' is is the third part of a number of exhibitions that emphasize the connection between indoors and outdoors, the past and the present and between interdisciplinary arts. Curator Renee Borgonjen has made a selection of artworks by Johannes Schwarz, Martijn Sandberg, Bart Lunenburg, Robert Lambermont and Corinne Bonsma, all on display.

The exhibition shows two- and three-dimensional records (Bonsma), a Jacob's ladder made out of cassette tapes (Lambermont), Cut Paintings (Sandberg), an installation of woven sheet music (Lunenburg) and so-called 'album artworks' from Schwarz's series 'Blue, Turning Grey over You', the worn-out albums owned by Mondriaan.

Having started this exhibition series with 'Through the Bathroom Window' where the world from outside creeps in, streams and breaks, following the second part 'Octopus's Garden' that showed us how to live along the rising sea level, 'Because' contributes to the Vishal's unique character to redefine what makes a public space.

In line with the interdisciplinary program, musician Jaco van der Steen will also be playing a set of Beatles songs on Sunday, October the 1st. Details and more info on this gig will follow soon.

Come visit 'Because' at the Vishal from September the 29th - October the 1st.

Opening hours Vishal during Haarlem Vinyl Festival:
Friday & Saturday: 11am - 5pm.
Sunday: 2pm - 5pm.

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Artwork: Corinne Bonsma - 'Elpee', oil on canvas, 80x160 cm