10 reasons to visit Haarlem Vinyl Festival

19 July 2023

With the festival less than two months away, we are getting more and more excited to welcome you to our extensive vinyl culture program. Not convinced yet? We'll give you 10 reasons to visit Haarlem Vinyl Festival:

1. Haarlem will fully breathe vinyl culture
Imagine dusting off your most precious record, taking it out of the sleeve, carefully putting the needle to it, some crackling sounds... and the music starts to play. How amazing does that feel? That kind of experience is what we are going to collectively take to an even higher level during Haarlem Vinyl Festival. With talks, Q&A's, an art & culture route, a record fair and, naturally, live shows. From PHIL to Patronaat and from Vishal to the Nieuwe Groenmarkt, the entire city centre of Haarlem will transform into a vinyl mania.

2. A wide range of artists ranging from top DJs to established artists and local talent
Are you into techno, pop tunes or do you prefer folk? Or rather psychedelic rock and metal? Whatever your music taste entails, here, you can find something for everyone. Dance throughout various eras to the record spinning by FunkyVinyl DJs such as Daan Modern, sing along to Naaz's or Selah Sue's beautiful songs, rock with DeWolff and enjoy a one-off night with Joris Voorn, or support local talent such as Shaian.

3. There will be a huge outdoor fair for free (!) to do some serious cratedigging
A vinyl festival cannot be complete without an actual record fair. Always been looking for that special gem to complete your collection? Who knows, you might find it here! Dig through crates at 75 record stands during the outdoor fair hostey by Record Planet on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am- 5pm.

4. Visit some great authentic locations with art and performances like de Doopsgezinde Kerk (Mennonite Church), pop-ups and instores
When we say art, we mean art in the broadest sense of the word: music, visual arts and architecture. In case you're looking for a live show in an intimate, historical setting, you are cordially invited to join us for INHALO's acoustic set at the Mennonite Church. Hungry for some artworks? You'll find a satisfying vinyl exhibition at the Vishal to feast your eyes. And if you're wandering through town, chances are you'll hear music coming from the instores we have planned at different record stores. 

5. Haarlem is amazing for food and shopping
Got some time left until the next event? Then Haarlem is the perfect city to explore the historical surroundings, discover great food or browse local stores. 

6. Join in for some great talks, Q&As with artists and collectors
Have you always wanted to know more about vinyl, from the way it is made to the stories behind certain sleeves? We've got you covered. Learn the ins and outs about the Beatles' White Album and Bowie's Aladdin Sane, have a look at various scribbles and findings inside record sleeves and get to know a true superfan of Prince. Keep an eye on the program for new additions.

7. Get connected with collectors from all over the world while enjoying the festival heart at the Phil.
What better way is there to connect with like minded people over your favourite records? Share your stories with new record friends and enjoy the lively atmosphere at the festival heart at PHIL.

8. Watch great documentaries and films about both music and vinyl culture
Sit back, relax and stimulate your ears and eyes. We offer a range of in-depth documentaries and classic movies about some of the greats in the music and vinyl industry. Tröckener Kecks will premiere a documentary about their final tour and various artists will pick their favourite music indulged movies (to be announced).

9. Enjoy some great exclusive listening sessions
Prepare yourself for some deep listening sessions. Watch how two prominent people convince us why their collection is the best. We also dare you to share your personal story about your most cherished record, even so that we might play it on a state-of-the-art HiFi system worth a €100,000,-.

10. Never miss the first edition
You will not get a second chance to be part of the first edition of our festival. 

We're looking forward to welcome you during Haarlem Vinyl Festival. In case you're still in need of a ticket, find them here. Interested in getting the most out the weekend and buying the Full-on Vinyl Weekend Pass? Make sure to get if before the rate goes up on September 1st. 


Photo credits: Eszter Jámbor