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Listening session: My Collection Is Better Than Yours!

A true battle of taste will take place during Haarlem Vinyl Festival, almost a form of musical ping-pong, so to say. Two prominent people from the world of politics, sport, or entertainment, choose 10 of their favourite records, with one of them then kicking off the session with a short snippet of a track.

They will explain why they love this particular recording so much, and what it means to them and their life story. Then the second speaker comes in with a choice of their own that either they consider to be better than, or complimentary to, the previous track played. Coincidences will occur, as will good-natured criticism and constructive commentary, but most of all, you'll get an exclusive insight into the taste and musical thoughts of some famous names.

Speakers: Paul Depla (Mayor City of Breda, NL) vs Peter Kwint (SP member House of Representatives, NL).

Times: 14:00-15:00
Location: Phil, Van Beinumzaal
This session is accessible for Vinyl Culture and Full-on Vinyl Weekend Pass ticket holders, available here.

Date: 30·09
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Location: PHIL - Van Beinumzaal