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Meet Wendy Moore: a Dutch singer-songwriter from Haarlem who enchants the music world with her unique blend of guitar-driven pop music and heartfelt lyrics. Wendy's distinctive voice and captivating performances quickly earned her a place in the pop-rock scene in the Netherlands, offering her growing number of fans a fresh, powerful perspective.

Wendy's music provides a refuge for the dreamers. Her songs touch on relatable themes such as dreams, hope, uncertainty, overcoming personal boundaries, sadness, and toxic relationships. Her music is based on her own life experiences and wide-ranging musical influences, from Avril Lavigne and Shawn Mendes to Billie Eilish and Paramore.

Her recent single 'IDK How To Be Fun' became a minor hit and secured spots on playlists on Radio NPO2 and Radio Veronica. Her song 'Ribs Are Cages' is currently being played on Radio 3FM. Wendy's latest single, "BEAST" (co-written with Jochem Fluitsma and Stijn van Rijsbergen), and her debut EP, "Dawn After Dusk," underscore her evolution as an artist. They encapsulate her journey and dedication to inspiring listeners to overcome their challenges and let their own light shine.

Known for her performances with a guitar as her best friend, Wendy's passion goes beyond just singing. As a songwriter, she weaves a story of resilience and self-expression into her songs, creating an immersive experience that resonates with various types of listeners. Wendy has also been an ambassador for the pride movement for over 3 years, hoping to bring hope to younger individuals in the LGBT community.

Wendy envisions her fans accompanying her on this journey, not just as passive listeners but as active participants in a shared life experience. "Together, we'll fight our inner demons and become our own light," as Wendy puts it.

Wendy is starting her Dawn After Dusk Tour this winter.

Date: 30·09
Time: 21:00 - 00:00
Location: Stiels Live Muziekcafe
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