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Talk: Robert Haagsma presents: Passion for Vinyl

During Haarlem Vinyl Festival, Robert Haagsma's 'Tales From the Groove' will be released. This book is the third book in a series called Passion For Vinyl, that tell the stories about the records that inspire people, the way they shaped their lives, how they sparked them to pick up an instrument, become a DJ, or start a label, pressing plant or YouTube channel. All together Robert Haagsma interviewed an impressive amount of 130 people for this series.

Haagsma also wrote the critically acclaimed Vinylfanaten, and so his appearance at the Haarlem Vinyl Festival is as logical as it is exciting. His passion for music and for vinyl is legendary, and he is a skilled and widely appreciated journalist and music writer, and we are thrilled to be welcoming him as part of the inaugural edition of HVF. He'll be talking about which stories of all these interviews strikes him the most, how he became a true vinyl junkie himself, revealing some of his favourite tunes, his most precious records, and what he's currently working on and some great insights and stories about who he interviewed over the years.

Moderator: Evan Toth (

Times: 11:00-12:00
Location: Phil, Warmerdamzaal
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Date: 30·09
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Location: PHIL - Warmerdamzaal