The Return of Cristel Ball and the (J)open Call for Talent

13 June 2024

On Saturday, September 28th, Cristel Ball will once again curate an evening filled with surprising acts. Last year, we hosted this freely accessible evening in the Jopenkerk, and this year, with the help of friend at Jopen, we decided to go a little bigger by taking over the PHIL foyer. From Saturday afternoon till midnight, we will top off a day filled with a fantastic program at our central festival location. 


The Taste of Cristel Ball
Cristel is known for her eclectic vinyl sets and deep understanding of different genres and eras, mixing punk with hip-hop and wave without blinking. She also has a great ear for surprising bands and new music. Expect vinyl culture with a twist and a place to discover fresh talent from the Haarlem area and beyond. Last year's line-up featured exciting acts, including the electronic live duo A Spiral Walk, the punk/synth-wave band Dorpsstraat 3, and princess post-punk by Vulkano. The best part is: you can be part of the line-up as we're issuing an open call for talent again.

(J)Open Call for Talent
Just like last year, we would like to present a stage for local talent. Artists and acts from the Haarlem area can submit their work, send us your demos, and have a chance to win a slot at the Haarlem Vinyl Festival. Submit your music and motivation* by August 1st via

Last year, we had none other than Hiqpy playing the opening slot of The Taste of Cristel Ball. You might have spotted them around festival line-ups, and they were awarded Record Store Day NL talent. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and submit your music to have a chance of playing the Jopen x Haarlem Vinyl Festival stage @ PHIL on September 28th.

*Live acts / own material only.