The program for our first edition is complete!

06 September 2023

Get ready for a three-day celebration of vinyl culture in PHIL, Patronaat, and 25 other stages and locations throughout the Haarlem city center.

With the recent additions of A Spiral Walk, Coco Maria, Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, Spinvis, Vulkano, Yorick van Norden, Wilfried de Jong, and Zwarte Liefde, among others, the program for the first edition of the Haarlem Vinyl Festival is now complete. From Friday, September 29, to Sunday, October 1, over 100 artists and speakers will grace more than 25 venues. 

Vinyl enthusiasts from around the world are invited to visit the Haarlem Vinyl Festival in September to immerse themselves in all things related to "black gold." In addition to the 150 performances, there is an extensive vinyl culture program featuring dozens of lectures, interviews, listening and expert sessions, live podcasts, exhibitions, documentaries, and a free two-day vinyl market on Saturday and Sunday. Visit our program and to find out more! 

Making Vinyl and PHIL as the Festival Hangout

For an estimated 300 professional visitors, there is an extra incentive to come to Haarlem during the last week of September. The PHIL, serving as the central festival hangout for the Haarlem Vinyl Festival, will also host the first Dutch edition of the leading Making Vinyl conference on Thursday, September 28, and Friday, September 29. This conference will share the latest insights about the vinyl industry. Learn more about the conference at

Artists A-Z:
A Spiral Walk • Baby's Berserk • Barn & Belle • Benny Rodrigues • Bertolf • Blöd Heinie • Boskat • Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy • Cristel Ball • Daan Modern • DJ Noboby Knows • De Sluwe Vos • DeWolff • Dorpsstraat 3 • Ed Rock • Egyptian Lover • Estafette • Fleddy Melculy • Floyd Hemorrhoid • Future Husband • Gregory Page • Guzz • Inhalo • Jimmy Diamond • Joris Voorn • Jungle by Night • Luka • Luna Ludmila • Matt Andersen • Mayleaf • Meneer Heerens • Mr. & Mevr Koot • Naaz • Nelly • Oliver Pesch • Phil Horneman • PYN • Remy Unger • Rose Marin • Ruud Houweling • Samo • Santina Runaway • Savage Beat • Scumbag Millionaire • Selah Sue • Serge • Shaian • Skroetbalg • Snackbar • Spinvis • Steffi • 'The Hague Heartbreaker' Doctor Wim Behre • The Irrational Library • Them Two The Gotcha! Crew • Them Peckin' Boys • Tim Knol • Vulkano • Wap Shoo Wap DJ's • Waterschade • YĪN YĪN • Yorick van Norden • Zwarte Liefde 

Speakers A-Z:
Allard Krijger (FRAKnoise) • Anders Raug Bentley (Ortofon) • Andreas Kohl (Key Production) • Angelo Schifano • Anouk Rijnders (Record Industry) • Aron Friedman • Bertolff • Billy Fields (Warner Music Experience) • Boudewijn de Groot • Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy • Coco Maria • Cristel Ball • Danton Supple (Definition Arts) • DJ Dano • DeWolff • De Weergever  Dick van Dijk (Concerto) • Evan Toth • Frederic Stader (Emil Berliner Studios) • Harm Theunisse (Green Vinyl Records) • James Henriot (Whest Audio) • Jan-Douwe Kroeske • Jason Mraz • Jeroen van Trierum • Joris Voorn Jochem Tromp (Soepermarkt) Ken Scott • Koos Zwaan (InHolland) • Larry Jaffee (Making Vinyl) Leo Blokhuis Mark Kneppers (3345 / Kraak & Smaak) Melanie Lentz • Menno Pot • Michael Fremer (Tracking Angle) Miss Twist Onno-Pieter Sonnega (PlastChem) Paul Rutten (Creating 010) Pepijn Lanen Rinus Hooning (Record Industry) • Ruben Planting (DeepGrooves)Ryan Mitrovich (The Vinyl Alliance) The Nits Thorsten Megow (optimal media) Theo Ploeg (Studio Hyperspace) Tim de Wolf Tim Wall (BCU) Tommy D (TokenTraxx) Paul Depla Peter Kwint Robert Haagsma Serge (Clone) Spinvis Tröckener Kecks William Ellis Wilfried de Jong and representatives from various record labels, Discogs, tech brands like Audio Technica, Marley, Pioneer, Vinylkey and many many more...

Locations A-Z:
Atheneum • Bar Wigbolt • Library Center • De Dakkas •  De Vries Boekhandel • De Vishal • Doopsgezinde Kerk • Het Zaeltje • Houtbaar • Jopo de Pojo • Jopenkerk • Muys • NH-Archief • North End • Patronaat • PHIL • Platenslager • Pletterij • Record Industry & Artone Studio • Shed • Skatepark Haarlem • Slachthuis • Sounds • Stiels • Theater De Liefde • The Coffee Spot • The Wolfhound