Iconic Albums: the story behind Moontan live with Rinus Gerritsen

23 May 2024

Golden Earring bass player Rinus Gerritsen will be appearing at the Haarlem Vinyl Festival on Sunday, September 29, with the story behind Moontan in the live documentary show Iconic Albums.

Gerritsen will be interviewed on stage by presenter Martin Kuiper about the most successful album of the Hague rockers, featuring the world hit Radar Love. Other key figures such as Earring members Barry Hay and Cesar Zuiderwijk will share their stories from a large screen. Gerritsen will also provide visitors with a unique insight into the album's history using the master tapes. "We're going to dissect Radar Love and Vanilla Queen," says Rinus.

Moontan was released in 1973 and is the only Earring album to have achieved gold status in the United States. This legendary album features Radar Love, the biggest hit ever for the Hague band. The ultimate car song managed to climb to number 13 on the American charts, climb to number 9 on the American Radio World chart, number 10 on Cash Box and number 13 on the Billboard HOT 100 singles chart.

In addition to bass player Gerritsen, singer and lyricist Barry Hay and drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk will share their story via pre-recorded video interviews shown on the big screen. Record label boss Willem van Kooten, saxophonist Bertus Borgers, who contributed to some songs, and arranger Job Maarse will also have their say. Rinus will bring the master tapes of Radar Love and Vanilla Queen to allow visitors to participate in the creation process of these Earring classics. So come along to PHIL on Sunday September 29 and immerse yourself in the unique story of four Hague friends who wrote musical history.

Iconic Albums: the story behind Moontan with Rinus Gerritsen
Date: Sunday September 29th, 13.30 -15.00
Venue: PHIL (Kleine Zaal)
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