How to get the most out of your Vinyl Culture ticket on Saturday

26 September 2023

We have outlined the advantages of having a Vinyl Culture ticket, but let's dive into how you can truly get the most out of your wristband, starting with the Saturday.

You may have already kicked off your festival experience on Friday with a Guided Tour at Record Industry, caught Joris Voorn's captivating opening keynote at PHIL, and even indulged in some prog rock while exploring the scenic Doopsgezinde Kerk (INHALO). Perhaps you danced the night away at the Haarlem Vinyl Festival Opening Set by Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, set against the backdrop of an exceptional custom Klipsch sound system at Jopenkerk. But since you knew Saturday was going to be a long day you have saved some energy. Let us give you some suggestions for your timetable:

The three-day Vinyl Culture ticket (€37,50 / €17,50 for students) is available here. All benefits are also included in the all-access Weekend Pass (€250,-).
It is also possible to access the PHIL program with a day ticket (€15,-)

10 AM
Begin your day with a delightful coffee at PHIL Café and a leisurely stroll around the Haarlem Vinyl Festival hang-out. Don't forget to pick up your wristband if you haven't already. Here's your chance to connect with fellow vinyl enthusiasts, explore the exhibitions, and snag your limited edition Haarlem Vinyl Festival tee or tote-bag at a discount.

11 AM
Claim your complimentary coffee at The Coffee Spot and venture into the Nieuwe Groenmarkt market to hunt for that elusive vinyl gem.

12 PM
Decisions, decisions. Will you opt for the Spinvis listening experience and Q&A, or indulge in the "What it's like to be a superfan" panel at PHIL? Alternatively, you could revisit the market for another round of vinyl treasure hunting.

1 PM
Lunchtime calls! Head over to PHIL Café for a live performance and a satisfying meal. Alternatively, check out the tempting Haarlem Vinyl Festival lunch deal for wristband holders at Jopenkerk while entrusting your vinyl record to Miss Twist for a first live listen. Don't forget to drop by Sounds Haarlem, North End or Atheneum Bookstore to enjoy a 10% discount on a new record, and you might even catch an enticing in-store performance.

By now, that tote bag might be feeling a tad heavy. Take a breather back at PHIL. Glance upstairs to "Meet the Experts" or take a seat at the Golden Hour to uncover Coco Maria's favorite vinyl records.

3 PM
PHIL is buzzing with excitement, so why leave? Will it be "Our Life in 10 Records" by DeWolff, the Tröckener Kecks film premiere, or Classic Album Sunday with Colleen Murphy and Ken Scott discussing David Bowie's "Aladdin Sane"? Catch a glimpse of the signing sessions in the foyer.

5 PM
Should you stay or should you go? "The Taste of Cristel Ball" kicks off at Jopenkerk, and cocktail hour starts at Bar Wigbolt, offering Highland Park x Haarlem Vinyl Festival specials for wristband holders. 

7 PM
Grab a quick bite at Jopenkerk to ensure you don't miss any of the action. Alternatively, savor dinner at one of Haarlem's fine restaurants, such as Mama Gaia. You might still be able to secure a ticket for one of the shows around town that are not included in your Vinyl Culture ticket. Will you go for Gregory Page or DeWolff at PHIL, The Vinyl Rave at Houtbaar or 

10 PM
You're now in that weird space where you have been digesting some princess punk, electronics and on top of that Dorpsstraat 3 is about to hit that new wave spot. 

11.59 PM
Ready for one last dance or in the mood for drinks and pogo? Take your pick between a lively night at Skatepark Haarlem for Estafette, the Suburban Showcase at The Wolfhound (free entrance) or a visit to the Clone Records Label night (free entrance for all wristband holders).

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