DeWolff goes for World Record 'Studio-to-Store'

25 May 2023

Dutch Hammond-driven rock trio DeWolff will attempt to beat the Studio-to-Store world record! The band will start recording in the Artone Studio on Thursday, 1st of June - the day that Record Industry has been in existence for exactly 25 years - precisely at 1PM, with the aim of selling the freshly pressed vinyl in two Haarlem record stores in less than four hours.

With this ambitious task, the gentlemen will be competing with the current Studio-to-Store world record: three hours, fifty-five minutes, and twenty-one seconds. It is held by Jack White, known from acts such as The White Stripes. DeWolff will record two sides of a 12-inch direct-to-disc with a 6-piece band in the presence of an audience, after which the Record Industry team will quickly make the molds with which the vinyl is pressed. Meanwhile, the cover is also printed and folded.

Once the vinyl has been pressed and packaged, the band races to the Sounds Haarlem record store in the center of Haarlem to sell the first copies themselves. The record will also be available for sale in record stores throughout the Netherlands.

DeWolff consists of Robin Piso (Hammond organ) and the brothers Pablo (vocals/guitar) and Luka van der Poel (drums), and is internationally highly regarded for their energetic mix of rock, blues, and soul and has already released nine studio albums.

Want to check out their music in a live setting? DeWolff will perform at PHIL on Saturday, the 30th of September, as part of the first edition of the Haarlem Vinyl Festival. The band will appear on the daytime program earlier that day to talk about the ten records that have influenced their lives and careers. The public can also ask questions about their experiences during the record attempt, and a limited number of the 12-inch records will be available. Tickets for their performance at PHIL are available here, the Q&A session is accessible for Vinyl Culture and Weekend Pass ticket holders, available here.

25 years of Record Industry
We are proud to share that our founding partner Record Industry will also celebrate their 25 year anniversary on June the 1st! Record Industry is one of the largest vinyl pressing companies in the world. The factory produces over 11 million records per year. 

DeWolff: Our Live in 10 Records
Date: Saturday October 30th.
Time: TBA
Venue: PHIL
Tickets: the Q&A session is accessible for Vinyl Culture and Weekend Pass ticket holders, available here.