Clone Label Night showcase with Egyptian Lover, Nelly, Serge & Steffi spices up the Saturday

25 July 2023

At Haarlem Vinyl Festival we like to welcome established legendaries as well as groundbreaking contemporaries. Make your way to Patronaat on Saturday September 30th in case you're in for a long night of indulging yourself in a clubbing experience, as it is with pride that we present to you our Clone Label Night at Patronaat. Acid, techno, dance and electro in one neat package, all wrapped up like your favourite vinyl by the likes of Egyptian Lover, Nelly, Serge and Steffi.

Hailing from Rotterdam Clone Records defines itself as an supplier of essential dance music. Needless to say they have prepared a quality line up for their showcase to take the Haarlem Vinyl Festival Saturday night to a whole new level:

Egyptian Lover
As part of the L.A. dance, electro and rap scene in the early 1980s, Egyptian Lover blended electronic beats, synthesizers and rap vocals, making him a key figure in the development of the hiphop genre. His hit single "Egypt, Egypt" and energetic performances established him as an influential artist. Egyptian Lover's contributions continue to inspire electronic music to this day.

Early in her life, Nelly was surrounded by a wide array of music but properly began exploring electronic sounds when she moved to Rotterdam. Her favourite spaces to dance in were cosy and sweaty basements. By then, she already used to spend hours making mixtapes in her bedroom. A time spent studying in Stockholm gave her the chance to buy her first controller and properly explore DJing, then a job behind the counter at the legendary Clone record store back home furthered her passion for digging ever deeper. From the '90s rave and trance of Belgium's Bonzai Records to Paul Johnson's raw Chicago sound, Nelly's inspirations are united by realness and roughness that always makes you want to dance.

Serge's dedication to music is unparalleled. He's been a fixture on the Dutch West Coast since the early nineties when he played cult events like The Hague's early Acid Planet parties, as well as holding a local residency where all night long sets were the standard. This taught him the art of DJing, the art of feeling a crowd, the art of playing a wide range of genres while keeping the dance floor moving. He is a go-to selector loved by seasoned old ravers and excitable young faces alike and stays true to the ethos of the early days of electro, house, acid and techno.

Steffi does not do things by halves, and this unwavering commitment to growing and challenging herself as a producer, DJ and label head has kept her at the forefront of contemporary dance music since the mid 90s. Born in the Netherlands, a move to Berlin led to an enduring residency at the city's emblematic Berghain/Panoramabar, an experience that has translated effortlessly to the international clubs and festivals - big and small - at which she has long been a staple. As a producer, Steffi has an extensive discography that takes in albums, singles and remixes - solo and in collaboration - released by respected labels including Ostgut Ton, 3024, Dark Entries, Ed Banger and Because Music. Steffi's long-running labels Klakson and Dolly continue to release a distinct blend of electro, breaks, Chicago and Detroit house and techno to this day. In recent years, Steffi's tireless search for new ground has been made tangible in a permanent move to Portugal where, with Virginia, she founded the label, studio space and creative hub Candy Mountain.

Clone Label Night w/ Egyptian Lover, Nelly, Serge & Steffi
Date: September 30th
Venue: Patronaat
Timetable: TBA
Tickets will be availble via Patronaat, this event is also accesible for Full-on-Vinyl Weekend Pass holders