Celine Cairo, Sven Hammond and more to join day program

03 July 2024

Summer is upon us, but we have other things on our minds, namely the newly confirmed speakers for the upcoming second edition of HVF.

We have said it before and we will keep repeating it: the PHIL is your go-to place for a dose vinyl culture from HVF's Friday through to Sunday. All day program sessions are accessible for Weekend Pass, vinyl culture and day ticket holders, available here

Sven Hammond's collection
As you might have spotted in the list of speakers, Sven Figee, leader of the Sven Hammond Big Band and a veteran of hundreds of live shows over the last 15 years, will be at the PHIL on Sunday to play a selection of tunes from his vast record collection. Through a selection of the tracks that have inspired him over the years, he will offer insight into why these songs are so important to him, explain how the various pieces changed his idea of what music could be, and reveal some surprisingly eclectic sources of inspiration. Later that evening the Sven Hammond Big Band will play Ray Charles at PHIL. Tickets for this concert are available here, the concert is also accesible for Weekend Pass holders (limited capacity).

The music Celine Cairo grew up with
We're also very much looking forward to hearing about the music that inspired the sultry sound of singer/songwriter Celine Cairo. She'll be appearing at the PHIL on Sunday, with a bag full of the music she listened to while growing up, including the records she and her parents loved, plus a selection of more contemporary tunes that are currently rocking her world. She'll also be discussing her own music and explaining the influences that have helped her sound to evolve over the years.

Celine Cairo also plays PHIL on Saturday. Tickets for this event are available here, the concert is also accesible for Weekend Pass holders (limited capacity).

Dub dub dub
If you like Dub and Reggae, we have a special treat for you. Bert Hogenes and Karsten Stevens are true veterans and highly respected figures in the world of reggae vinyl collectors. On HVF's Sunday they're going to be playing a selection of singles and noteworthy songs from their collection, revealing some absolute gems that you probably don't know, and getting down deeper than deep with some seriously heavy Dub tracks. They'll also be spinning tunes that cover all the various phases of music from Jamaica and beyond, including classic Ska, Roots, and Dub tracks, up to and including the golden age of the '80s.

An A-Z overview of the day program till date:
Bert Hogenes / Cassy / Celine Cairo / Chuckie / Discogs / Dood Gaan We Allemaal / Eamonn Forde / Echobox / Frans Hagenaars (Excelsior Records) / Gudmunder Isfeld / Jenn D'Eugenio (Women in Vinyl) / Jeroen van Erp /  Karlyn King / Karsten Stevens / Kevin da Costa / KINK / Kiosk Radio / Larry Jaffee (Making Vinyl) / Leif DeLeeuw / Mark Klaverstijn / Martin Kuiper / Menno Pot / Rhythmic Culture / Rinus Gerritsen (Golden Earring) / Robert Muda / Rudeboy Remington (Urban Dance Squad) / Steven Wilson / Sven Hammond / Theo Ploeg / Tim Bowness / Vinyl Alliance / Yorick van Norden / Zwarte Liefde with many more to be announced.

Haarlem Vinyl Festival venues A-Z
Bar Wigbolt, Bavo Kerk, Bibliotheek Centrum, Café du Theatre, De Dakkas, De Koepel,  De Pletterij, De Vishal, Flinty's, Het Zaeltje, Houtbaar, Jopenkerk, Locael, Near Mint, NH-Archief, North-End, Patronaat, PHIL, Platenslager, Pop & Sounds Stage, Muys, Record Fair @ Dreef, Record Industry, Schuur, Slachthuis, Stiels, Sounds, Theater de Liefde, The Wolfhound, Wilde Wijnen with more to be announced.