A citywide celebration of vinyl culture 

14 May 2024

You're thinking about visiting the Haarlem Vinyl Festival, but have no clue what to expect? Allow us to break it down for you.

Service alert: today (May 14th) is the last day to get your tickets at Early Bird rate.

The Haarlem Vinyl Festival program starts on Friday, maybe even a bit earlier, with numerous art exhibitions, films, and much more that highlight vinyl culture. Last year we had over 25 locations participating with more than 150 artists and speakers, bringing together producers, creators, and every kind of vinyl enthusiast from all over the world. Our central hub is PHIL, a beautiful theater in the city center where we will host a wide range of interactive sessions, Q&A's, and presentations, highlighting the old and the new in global vinyl culture.

The Haarlem Vinyl Festival is built around the celebration of recorded music, sound experience and the love for vinyl. For three days and nights, the historical city of Haarlem is the canvas for all the stories around vinyl. It is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands with lots of architectural highlights, nice museums, and a great music infrastructure. It is also the home of Record Industry, one of the biggest pressing plants in the world.

The evening program gets into full swing with concerts at Patronaat, PHIL, and many more locations around town. Grab a Weekend Pass if you're looking to go from one venue to the next; a big part of the program is within walking distance. You might want to hop on a bike and head to the outskirts of Haarlem to catch that nighttime DJ set or artist playing.

It's a crate-diggers' paradise as you join the hunt for that new sonic gem, starting with a large, freely accessible outdoor vinyl market - hosted by Record Planet taking over the old Dreef avenue. The PHIL, the Haarlem Vinyl Festival hangout, takes center stage with everything based around vinyl culture. You can take part in workshops, explore sound in a different way, meet the independent labels at the Haarlem Record Label Market (HRLM), catch a signing or listening session, or Q&A with artists who will be performing in the nighttime program, and much more. Looking to explore the beautiful city of Haarlem in a different way? Take the art route or chill out and catch a film at one of the theaters before grooving to the Saturday evening program with more concerts, live performances, and DJ sets.

After a late breakfast at one of the many fine cafes and eateries Haarlem has to offer, you can take a final stroll around the city, and perhaps visit the second day of the record fair. The concert program starts around noon, while the arts and culture program runs all day. PHIL will once again play host to lots of interesting Q&A's if you are still looking to get your final dose of black gold; you need to look no further. In the evening, the program will take its final spin in locations all over town before we say goodbye.

Making Vinyl Europe
Goodbye to the Haarlem Vinyl Festival, that is, because our friends at Making Vinyl will host their Europe conference right after our festival (30/9 - 2/10), starting on Monday. Make your way to their website for tickets and more info about the program. Access to Making Vinyl is not included in your Haarlem Vinyl Festival ticket, but keep an eye out and subscribe to our newsletter for a nice discount if you visit both events.

Ticket info
Today is the last day to get your Vinyl Culture tickets at the early bird rate (€25,- instead of €37.50). With this ticket, you get a wristband allowing you to go to the three-day Vinyl Culture program with full access to the talks and interviews, auctions & vinyl validation sessions, plus the arts & culture route and much more. You will also get a good discount on merchandise. Looking to get full access? Grab your Weekend Pass at the Early Bird rate now.

Program ideas

Got some ideas to share with the Haarlem Vinyl Festival program team? Send your message to info@haarlemvinylfestival.com. We look forward to receiving your ideas about topics and artists.