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Molen De Adriaan

Vinyl History: The Telefunken Machine & Other Vinyl Paraphernalia

On a location (Mill the Adriaan 1779) older than the gramophone itself (invented in 1887) you can admire record players and other paraphernalia from back in the days.


Slachthuis Haarlem

Slachthuis X Haarlem Vinyl Festival Talent Program: Vinyl DJ workshop By Shamis/ Dj PCM @ Slachthuis

Slachthuis present a very special workshop as part of Haarlem Vinyl Festival's talent program. DJ, producer and founder of indie label INI Movement Misha van der Winkel AKA Shamis will be giving a DJ workshop. In this workshop, Misha will demonstrate and learn the tricks of the DJ trade in its purest form, namely with vinyl.

Wilde Wijnen

Wild Vinyl - Wilde Wijnen & Vinyl - the ultimate combination

Wild Wines will debut this year at the Haarlem Vinyl Festival with a unique tasting: Wild Wines & Vinyl! On Saturday 30 September from 14:00 - 18:00 hrs at Wild Wines (Veenpolderstraat 31, Haarlem) you can experience something unique.