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DJ set: FunkyVinyl invites Vinyl Rave

During the first edition of Haarlem Vinyl Festival, Funky Vinyl invites two Dutch techno legends for an exclusive vinyl set at the intimate area of Houtbaar.

Benny Rodrigues and De Sluwe Vos will play some of their own productions on black gold. Funky Vinyl founder DJ Nobody Knows will heat up their dancefloor, together with Rotterdam based DJ and Producer Samo. 

Benny Rodrigues
Within a fairly short amount of time, Benny Rodrigues has made his way up to the cream of the crop of the Dutch dance scene, having spinned the decks at both nationally and internationally renowned venues. His energetic sets keep the dance floor going for hours on end, taking inspiration from a diverse musical pallet varying from techno and house to disco, funk, soul and beyond.

De Sluwe Vos
By blending various electronic styles, techno and house influences into his tracks and unafraid of taking risks, De Sluwe Vos (Jeroen Kok) has made a name for himself in the underground dance scene. Take dancing to the next level during his set at The Vinyl Rave!

After an interesting musical journey touching on techno and deep house, DJ and producer SAMO has mastered the art of underground house, with releases on a wide span of labels to his name. His two hour set during The Vinyl Rave will be a great way to start off the day in good spirits and with lots of energy.

DJ Nobody Knows
FunkyVinyl's founder DJ Nobody Knows has a keen ear for what the dance floor needs. With his broad taste in music, he creates sets inspired by genres ranging from soul and funk to house and techno. He will make sure you keep on moving as long as the music is playing.

Don't hesitate on this one, it will be the perfect opportunity to finish up the Summer!

Date: 30·09
Time: 16:00 - 23:00
Location: Houtbaar