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Talk: Meet The Experts! Presented by Vinyl Alliance

The Vinyl Alliance, as the leading association for the global vinyl record industry, is set to bring knowledge and insight to the festival with a unique showcase illustrating the several steps of record manufacturing.

A custom-built four-step listening station will give visitors a chance to experience an audible comparison between the individual steps of the vinyl manufacturing process. From the digital master recording, to cut lacquer and DMM, to the mother stamper and finally the finished pressed record, this session will dig deep into how an original audio source translates onto a pressed heard through the successive stages of production. Associated Vinyl Alliance members such as pressing plant representatives, cutting engineers, turntable and cartridge manufacturers and quality control managers will be on hand to walk visitors through this unique session, answer questions, present their craft or simply chat. No existing technical knowledge required - just your curiosity and open ears!

The listening sessions, Q&As and demonstrations will run throughout both festival days as a walk-in experience at the LOFT 1 inside PHIL. To experience both the listening session and a possible talk with one of your experts be there at the full hour. Please see a list of experts and their available time below.

Check out the entire schedule:

Saturday, 30/09
10:00 Ryan Mitrovich (The Vinyl Alliance) & Andreas Kohl (Key Production EU)
11:00 Harm Theunisse & Pierre van Dongen (Green Vinyl Records) 
12:00 Frederic Stader (Music Matters Mastering)
13:00 Michael Fremer (Tracking Angle & The Absolute Sound)
14:00 Thorsten Megow (optimal media)
15:00 Ruben Planting (DeepGrooves)
16:00 Daniel Krieger (SST)
17:00 Billy Fields (Warner Music Experience) & Lloyd Starr (Discogs)

Sunday, 01/10
10:00 Ryan Mitrovich (The Vinyl Alliance) & Andreas Kohl (Key Production EU)
11:00 Rinus Hooning (Record Industry)
12:00 Onno-Pieter Sonnega (PlastChem)
13:00 Edward Forth & Clive Atkins (Audio-Technica)
14:00 James Henriot (Whest Audio)
15:00 Andreas Wagner (

Ticket info
This session is accessible for Vinyl Culture and Weekend Pass ticket holders, available here.

Date: 30·09
Time: 11:00 - 17:00
Location: PHIL - Loft 1
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