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Community: Suburban Records Showcase: Scumbag Millionaire, Boskat & Mayleaf

As part of the Haarlem Vinyl Festival, The Wolfhound will be hosting this showcase, presenting three live gigs from some of the best bands on this local record label. Get ready to rock!

SCUMBAG MILLIONAIRE - From the gutters of Gothenburg, Sweden, Scumbag Millionaire returns with an electrifying force in their highly anticipated third studio album, "All Time Low", out 22/09/2023 on Haarlem based rock n' roll label Suburban Records. Delivering high-energy rock 'n' roll that blends the golden age of scandi-rock with a modern punk rock twist and the unstoppable spirit of high-energy rock 'n' roll.

BOSKAT - One may notice BOSKAT as a loud, fun, and energetic rock duo. Call it pop-punk or the revival of grunge, but the truth is that this Antwerp based duo lives on the edge of burnout and intense pleasure - the essence of what rock and roll is all about. Come see them live and join us in wondering how on earth a two piece band can sound so huge. 3,2,1 - BOSKAT!

MAYLEAF - MAYLEAF is an alternative grunge/rock band that vibes on huge sounding fuzz & 90's tunes. Poppy sounds that emerge from low rumbling telecasters, kicking out jams straight from the garage. The rehearsal space is drenched in inspirational bands such as Weezer, Turnstile, King Gizzard, Culture Abuse & Bayside.

Free entrance! Visit The Wolfhound from 10PM onwards till late.

Date: 30·09
Time: 22:00 - 00:00
Location: The Wolfhound