The listening sessions are set to return

30 January 2024

Listen to your favorite records on HI-FI and join discussions about the albums that define both the past and the future.

In 2023, we hosted multiple listening sessions in our day program, including Classic Album Sundays hosted by Colleen Murphy and Ken Scott, a vinyl and whisky pairing at Bar Wigbolt, our life in 10 records with DeWolff, Q&A with Joris Voorn and even a special listening session in the dark with Spinvis. 

Needless to say, these sessions will return to our vinyl culture program at PHIL. For now, we would like to get your input again: which album would you like to hear and discuss? Send us your favorites via or leave a comment on Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin

Your favorite record like never heard before...
2024 will see the return of the DIY program where you can start your day with a one of a kind listening experience. Hand over your favorite record to hear it out loud and clear, which song or album would you like to hear?

Listening to your (new) favorite record together
With the help of House of Marley and Ophon we created listening booths in PHIL and Jopenkerk amongst others, so that visitors could sit down and listen to the latest additions to their vinyl collections. Expect them to return in 2024. 

Secure your ticket against Early Bird rate
Weekend Passes (all-access day and night)  and Vinyl Culture tickets (access to the day program) are now on sale against Early Bird rate, so book now to save on your Haarlem Vinyl Festival weekend!